Why does Office365 with MPLS end in tears?


Let’s expand this; Why do SaaS apps provided over a MPLS network end in slow and frustrating performance?

Answer: Speed and Latency!

Traditionally we used to put all our enterprise Apps and Data into a box (datacentre) and put a big lock on it (firewall) to secure it. Today we live in a vastly different world driven by SaaS apps and traditional MPLS can not deal with this.

Consider a 20 site MPLS network with internet breakout is in a Datacentre protected by firewalls. The internet bandwidth may be a 100/100 Mbps. This is then shared by all users on the 20 sites.

Compare this with a SD-WAN overlay where each site has a NBN internet break out for “safe traffic” such a Office365 and other SaaS apps. Assuming an avg NBN download speed of 60 Mbps that gives us 1200 Mbps across the 20 sites.

In this case, SD-WAN performs 12x better and is likely to be more cost effective as well. Lets not forget that the latency will also be lower. The numbers speak for themselves.

If you are having SaaS performance issues, give Cavalry a call. We are running several webinars and events to discuss the best solutions in the market to help solve this problem.

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Barry Silic

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